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Right, so, I obviously haven't been keeping up with things. Bad Mem, bad Mem, I know. And so much has happened. [ profile] balmyone went to Comic-Con and I about DIED OF JEALOUSY. I should have been there! I was living within driving distance last year and I missed it, and this year I could have gone with [ profile] balmyone to see David Tennant and be surrounded by thousands of screaming fangirls and I CAN'T BE THERE!! One day I will go, I will I will. Ugh. The DT/JB kiss was hilarious. I would have given anything to be there. The scream of the crowd when DT comes on...GAH!! I must go! It's really fun seeing DT work a crowd, though. He obviously loves it, and I can relate. Having thousands of people scream and laugh and clap for you is a high. It's a thrilling high. I never, ever, ever wanted to be an actress, never even considered it, but have realized that is part of what I do up there on stage. And while I have no talent or interest in going fully in-character, I have rather enjoyed taking on a bit of a role, playing around with it, and seeing how people respond. It's addictive.

Okay, back on-topic. I have no idea what else I've missed (what have I missed? What's been going on in your life? In fandom? I feel so disconnected from you all), but I did see that [ profile] penumbra23 released her new fic. ZOMFG. I'm actually scared to start it. I feel I should wait until I can read it all in one go or something because I will not be able to turn away. I don't know what to expect. Eeeeeeeeeee.

But that's going to have to wait because tomorrow (well, technically Friday at 12:30 AM) I leave for Minnesota and from there, Wisconsin. One of my old college roommates is getting married very close to our old college, so I'm going to go to the wedding, visit my alumna, then spend the rest of the week back home in Minnesota with my mom, where I can also visit my old high school. It's going to be a week of nostalgia. I just read an article saying my generation is getting nostalgic uncharacteristically early, and saying it may be because September 11th so drastically changed our path. That we look back fondly on the '90s when the economy was booming, we weren't at war, and life was pretty darn good. And you know, I think that's a fairly accurate assessment. I don't know how much of that was actually ignorance, but that is how it feels.

Oh, I saw The Half-Blood Prince. )

Anyways, that's life with me. I've kinda been burying myself in Bones fic to avoid...I dunno, doing anything at all (I still have to pack!!!), but I miss you all and I'll try to get better about keeping up with the flist. As soon as, you know, I return next week.


4 things.

Oct. 19th, 2007 09:30 pm
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1. I made an icon! For the new [ profile] sg1podfic community.

I've been experimenting a lot recently and this was a pleasant surprise. I've been so glad to make art again. The muse is finally back and I have so many things I want to try out and explore. It's such a thrill when an icon starts to come together the way you want it!

2. While looking for iPod stock photos for the above icon, I found this:

GOLD-PLATED iPODS! $600-$800 depending on storage capactity. For the hyper-rich people on your christmas list ;)

3. CSI - 8x04? I've lost track....the last one! )

4. I finally finished Harry Potter!! Spoilers for HP7...if there's anyone left to spoil. )
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CSI - 8x03 )

In other news, I finally, FINALLY am on the last Harry Potter book. SPOILERS for HP7 )
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So, I saw OotP. )

Oh yeah.

Jan. 4th, 2006 12:40 pm
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Major Meme )

Well, it's a new year, and basically I'm just lost in Harry Potter land. *L* I'm rereading the series (currently on the second book), watched all 4 movies within the past week, and generally just way too absorbed in the magic. I'm loving it ;) Oh, yeah, so I did finally see the 4th movie. )

There's my new year. I don't make new years resolutions (doing them seems to reinforce that I'm not perfectly fine just the way I am, so I prefer not to think that way), but it's interesting reading everyone else's! I'm excited about what 2006 holds in store.


Oct. 18th, 2005 10:35 am
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Zoo Pictures! )

Oh! Of course! I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Under a cut, of course. )


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