Good times

Jul. 11th, 2010 12:17 am
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Okay, it's late late late and I know I haven't updated in forever and there's a lot to update on and I even owe some people e-mails, but just a quick update before I collapse of exhaustion (5 hours of sleep last night):

Today I got to hold the bald eagle. By accident. I work at a bird show, and I don't yet handle the bald eagle, Chinook (and with my horrid boss, never expect to). But today I was wheeling her up the hill and her crate door just popped open. She flew out and landed next to th pathway, with zoo guests watching. I only had a hawk glove with me (usually you need a second, larger sheath to handle an eagle), so I asked her up on to it and (thank god) she did. I got her back in the crate, but not before she bated once (when a bird tries to fly off the glove, it's a bate). So, uh, it was unexpected and slightly terrifying (all the things that could have gone wrong...), but also just a bit exciting. Chinook is huge (10.5 pounds, which is big for a bird) and majestic and just plain a sight to see, so it was a thrill to have her on my glove, even for just a second.

And that was the fun today. I've had a great few weeks, as my boss was away on vacation. It's been freeing and fun and reminds me why I really do love this job. And as I said, there's a lot more to say, but for right now I need to go to bed before I fall asleep on my keyboard. Miss you all, love you. *mwah*

Good Day!

Oct. 16th, 2009 11:37 pm
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It was a good day. I co-hosted a school assembly this morning where we flew and displayed our birds (and thank goodness I actually managed to mostly remember the script!), I FINALLY got to start handling the red-tailed hawk, Sundance, and my boss trained me in on weighing the new bald eagle. She has not shown much faith or trust in me all summer, so it felt nice to simply be taught and trusted with something new (this as-yet-unnamed bald came injured from the wild and cannot even be handled yet). So YAY! It's been so long since I've left work feeling at all proud of myself, it's a wonderful little high. Hee!

Also, I re-watched The Double Death of the Dearly Departed and it's even better than I remembered. Probably my favorite ep of the whole 4th season, no joke. There's not a minute I don't love. Great acting, witty writing, and Booth dancing. Doesn't get much better than that. ;)
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Worked overtime today, cleaning all day at work and then bringing animals to the Educator's Soiree for the AZA Conference. It was a great opportunity to network, and I met a few people who run education programs in zoos across the nation. Chatted with a nice guy from a zoo in New York, who runs their outreach program. And it was a little flirty. And nice. To have a really interesting conversation with a really interesting guy, and wonder if there's something there. I've kinda forgot what that's like. So, it was nice. Hee. I'm looking forward to Thursday, when the entire conference delegation is coming to the zoo. Networking MADNESS. It's such a great opportunity.

And Bones in *2 DAYS*. It's ridiculous how excited I am about that. It's like a constant background hum in my head all day long. The cable guy is putting in cable at the new apartment tomorrow (just in time!), and I splurged on a DVR. It's the first time I'll have my own DVR and I can't friggin' wait.
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Today was the staff preview of the new Predators of the Serengeti exhibit opening this weekend at the zoo, so we took a field trip after lunch to check it out. They were doing some last minute preparation and some of the animals weren't out yet (the mongoose and caracal), but all the big ones were. It was awesome because a) only staff and volunteers were allowed, so no crowds and pushing to get to the front and b) because having visitors on the other side of the glass was such a new experience, a lot of the animals watched us and came right up to the glass. The cheetahs especially kept coming up and touching their noses to the glass. They have such big, soulful brown eyes. It was spectacular. The wild dogs too came up close and are enchanting to watch (they have striking markings, a lean body, and big ears). The lions stayed pretty well away, although the male (who was a cub at the San Diego Wild Animal Park when I worked there) has a ridiculously cute mohawk mane. The python exhibit had a thermal imaging camera that was almost as much fun as watching the animals. So, awesome field trip, and it was very cool to get to see it early. This weekend is gonna be CRAZY.

And then tonight Bones' "The End in the Beginning" was on (squeeeeeeeee!) and after a full summer since last seeing it, I can say it's still a cop-out and pointless, but DAYUM do I love me some affectionate B/B. Guh. But why wasn't there a new promo for next week? I am DYING of anticipation. OMG, I haven't been this ridiculously excited since...since...the X-Files movie last year. I LOVE that thrill of anticipation, of fangirling a current show, of looking forward so badly to that next new episode you can hardly think of anything else. May I just mention again HE SAYS THE WORDS!!! Oh god, I'm hopeless, but that alone will make the wait worth it. Heeeeeeeeeee! *vibrates with anticipation*


Aug. 23rd, 2009 10:08 pm
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First off, I'd like to welcome my new friends - it's so exciting to have more fangirls to squee with! Why I'm taking on more friends when I can't even keep up with the ones I have is a good question. *L* Anyways, I will try!

Good news: A few days ago I payed off one of my student loans. Woo-freakin'-hoo! It was the SMALLER of my two student loans, but still, that's nice.

Bad news: Money issues still freaking me out. I need a second job by this fall or my income will be less than my expenses, and that's not even counting health insurance.

Neutral news: Have found an apartment (with a gay friend-of-a-friend who was also looking for cheap housing). It's one of the best deals I'm at all liable to find around here, so I'm taking it, but that means I have to turn down a sweet pet-sitting deal I would have had this winter (3+ months rent-free). Anyways, it's in a nice neighborhood closer to the zoo and, as I said, really freaking cheap compared to any other apartment. So, that's a relief but not really a relief at all because I still won't be able to make ends meet without another job. Gaaaaaahhhhh.

Let's move on to happier things, yes? Like, fandom! My Bones season 3 arrived and it's so shiny and happy and YAY. I immediately popped the first disk in the watch the tag scene of "Death in the Saddle". Oh, Booth's voice there makes me quiver. Heeeeee. And of course, FOX is driving me happily mad with anticipation for season 5. Lookit their teaser promos! LOOKIT!!!

*collapses in corner in fit of glee* GUYS! HE SAYS IT!! Those three sappy, silly, adorable words. This show will kill me. Or at least the wait until September 17th will. Which, BTW, is Zoo Day for the AZA Conference (The Oregon Zoo is hosting the AZA conference this year - easily the biggest zoo conference in the nation if not the world - and that's the day everyone visits the zoo), so I better get home on time. I will be in spasms of joy all day.

What else? My birthday went well - I went to a friend's house after work where we had pasta and blueberry pie, and my co-workers even got me a cake. Hee! It's a little sad that I still get so excited about birthday cake. ;) Anyways, yay!

Oh, oh, also! I discovered bloodwrites, who is a fantastic writer and has written a few great Bones novels (novellas? Anyways, really long, complicated, delicious stories). I'm in the middle of The Killer in the Classroom, which is thrilling, shippy, and set in Portland (!!), while The War in the Woods is hands-down my favorite Bones story yet. Each of the characters is so brilliantly captured, and it made me laugh and cry in equal measure. This is what I read through piles of crap hoping to find.

So, there you have it. I'm pretty much caught up on the past week of the flist, but I still feel out of the loop. How are you all doing?
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There’s no telling what emotions he has stamped across his face, only that they’re there and he can’t get them off.

From Same as Never by rallalon. I like that line. It's a poetic line.

So, I haven't updated in ages and a day. Don't know what to say. I was sick. Got the flu from a friend, and am still battling off a wheezing cough. I even called in sick one day (I NEVER do that). On the plus side, I discovered that TNT shows Bones in the middle of the day. Scooooore. TNT: feeding my Bones addiction. Not much else to say. Have seen the B-52s, Tears for Fears, and Los Lobos as part of the zoo concert series, and Indigo Girls is this Friday. Week after that I'm flying back to Minnesota/Wisconsin for my old college roommate's wedding. Busy busy busy. Oh, and I'm seeing Harry Potter on Thursday. Yessssss. It's been far too long without new Potter.

80's Child

Jun. 25th, 2009 10:48 pm
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I was extremely saddened by the news of Michael Jackson's death today. He was iconic, and as a child of the 80's, I have many memories attached to his songs. As a kid, "Rockin' Robin" was my favorite song. I watched far too much of "Will You Be There" off Free Willy. At Moorpark, the wolf was trained to howl when he heard "Man in the Mirror". "Earth Song" has the ability to push me to tears. "The Way You Make Me Feel" features in my favorite Doctor Who fic, Elusive, and always reminds me of the carefree happiness that fic incites. This summer, "Thriller" is on a CD we play during our 3:30 bird display, and I like to play it backstage between shows

Finally, one of our interns taught me how to moonwalk last month, and I practice before almost every show just before stepping on stage. I've been joking that near the end of the summer I'm going to moonwalk off stage when the turkey vulture "chases" me off.

Me moonwalking.

Pretty good moonwalk, eh? *L* It still needs some work (I mean, check this out!), but it's been fun learning. And now I'll be a bit saddened whenever I do it. As weird as he was, I deeply admired MJ's humanitarian efforts and genuinely enjoyed many of his songs. I can't quite believe he's gone.
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That was AWESOME! The B-52's performed in concert on our show stage this evening, and as we were scheduled to fly birds before the show, I got to go for free. WOOT! Unfortunately it rained before the show began so we cancelled all the birds except for the bald eagle. So Chinook flew down over the crowd, and afterwords we got an awesome show. They did all of their hits (Roam, Loveshack, and Rock Lobster) which made me very happy. It was LOUD and I got a bit of a headache, but it was still...I'm going to say it again...AWESOME. Hee. Good thing because I learned I'm going to miss Jewel because of a stupid wedding. At least I've still got Los Lobos and the Indigo Girls to look forward to.
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So, my co-workers have started calling me "Finona". It started when one of them, who's a bit dyslexic, wrote my name that way on the board one day. They teased me about it, I laughed, done. Then one of them went on stage and introduced herself as "Finona" to the crowd (this is a regular occurance once a script gets memorized. I once did a show as "Glinda", another as "Olga"). I pretended to act offended backstage, we all laughed. Now they all call me Finona, every day, even the boss. On the one hand, it's not so funny any more and I don't care for the moniker. On the other, I love that I'm a part of this big in-joke. Anyways, that's that.

Yesterday I was bit by the kinkajou. I knew it would happen. He always threatens me and he bit me the last time I tried to pick him up too. But the boss decided I should start handling him and of course I'm thrilled to get to start handling a new animal. I knew exactly what it would take and that's not flinching when he threatens and bites until he learns I'm not intimidated by him, but until then I forsee getting bit a few more times. Also, the bald eagle flew off during the last show and as I was the only staff member not on stage, I followed. Yay me. All this with debilitating cramps. D*mn woman parts.

And that is all for now. I never have anything exciting to say anymore, do I? Haha. Back to reading fic.
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If you didn't see tonight's Colbert Report, I encourage you to watch it. Seriously. I'll wait.




No, really, go watch. It's awesome.

If I have to follow that up, I'll just say sorry I've been absent recently. Busy busy shows shows. I'm loving it. All trained up on the eagle, and now starting on the kinkajou (kinka-what? Kinkajou! Bahaha, sorry, that's a line in our show). Anyways, I'm really getting into the groove on stage, getting laughs, relaxing and having fun. Oh! And I get to see the B-52s and Los Lobos FREE in concert. The zoo hosts concerts on our show stage during the summer and we fly birds before each one. I've already been assigned to those two and a few more, and am really hoping to also get the Indigo Girls and Jewel later this summer. I have the best job ever.
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Let me describe the awesomeness.

First off, there was the Bones season finale. )

And then there was MASSIVE Who spoilers! )

And of course shows start on SATURDAY at the zoo, which means many run-throughs on stage in front of the crowds. Such a thrill! I'm so nervously excited. Plus I'm completely turned over on the green-wing (I love my parrots!) and handling the golden eagle bit by bit. Life is grand!
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I held an eagle today! I finally got to handle Deschutes, our golden eagle. Just a quick jaunt to the scale and back, but me! Eagle! Ba-whuh! And he's got a grip on him. Even through two leather gloves, when he grips down you can feel it in your bones. So, that was pretty darn cool. Also, also, we ran through the script on-stage with mics, and I got a few laughs, which always makes my day. Being in front of a large crowd is such a thrill - you've got them in the palm of your hand and it's a constant game of trying to get that high when they react to a good line.

Moment of not-win: Still sick. Now with cramps on top of it. Cold+PMS+lack of quality sleep=moody, grumpy, surly Mem. I have not been pleasant the last few days. At least I finally went out and bought some Nyquil. Thank god for Nyquil.

Happy Mothers Day to all you moms out there!
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Because everyone likes their picspam on the run, right? ;)

The Oregon Zoo )

Other things making me happy )

I think I may be coming down with something. Nose is sniffly. Gah!
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I got to handle Makani today (the green-wing macaw), just holding and randomly reinforcing for about half an hour. I'm really proud of being able to progress so fast on her, and can't wait to do more (and then hopefully start on Pele!). I also manned Najla, the eagle owl, for a half hour out on grounds, and I was surprised at how long I was able to hold out until my arm started hurting. Finally those muscles are buidling up a bit! Anyways, she's stunningly gorgeous, and I love when she leans into me, as if for comfort. I like to think I'm a comforting presence on the scary, scary lawn, though she still bates a lot. She's the only staff-only bird I can really handle at the moment, so she's kind of my pet-project, and I want her to make progress.

Also, this video is adorable and makes me smile.
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It's lazy Friday. AKA my first day off work since finishing taxes. I resolve to do nothing I don't want to today.

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Hahahahahaha! Oh, sorry, this made me go look back at my first entry, dated October 9, 2003. I bagged an invite code off [ profile] jesouhaite47 (you needed an invite back then!) after most of Creative had migrated here. I was 20. I was still in college, consumed by classes and papers and schoolwork. It's strange to think how different my life is now. How different I am now. Sometimes I miss the person I was then. I was certainly a lot more optimistic and secure. Haha, look at me wax nostalgic. Anyways, thanks for making the journey with me, guys.

SO, I haven't updated in a bit. Actually I've been avoiding LJ because I haven't watched Planet of the Dead yet. I want to. It's sitting on my hard drive, begging to be watched, and I probably will in the next few days, but it's been so nice having new Who to look forward to. Having that thrill of anticipation coming home from work knowing I have a new episode waiting to be watched. If the next episode isn't until Christmas, I want to enjoy the anticipation of this one while I still can.

And yesterday, work was wonderful. I did a different program for kindergartners (about insects), and again was a smashing success. Well, that may be overstating it a bit, but I was ridiculously proud of myself, and afterward a little girl came up and HUGGED me. That is, like, the best reinforcement ever. Seriously. If the animal thing doesn't work out, maybe I should look at becoming a kindergarten teacher. The kids are annoying as heck but also cute as all heck in equal measure. And they have toy dinosaurs (we amused ourselves for far too long with them before the first class arrived)! I had a bad hour upon returning to the zoo and finding I had left the cover to the cockroach tank off (stupid stupid stupid), but the day ended well as we flew birds on the lawn (there is very little cooler than having an eagle fly at you) and I finally, finally got to handle one of the macaws. I miss my parrots. So yes, GOOD DAY. *nods*

Also, Bones was ridiculously cute. Wednesday and Thursday, but especially last night. Gah, just KISS already! The angst, oh, the angst. It's even drawing me into reading fic, only to discover that some great XF writers have written in that fandom, including Tesla and Fialka.

Finally, Idol has been kinda blah. I'm rooting for Danny and Adam now, and in my opinion Matt was not worth saving. But Danny needs to step it up a bit because he hasn't been really wowing me in a while like I know he can. Okay, that's all for now. I'll be back with my thoughts on PotD soon.
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Today was fantastic. I did my first solo school presentation for a class of kindergarteners, and I was awesome, if I do say so myself. *L* I've never felt completely at ease talking to kids, so that's been something I've been worrying about doing again. But I've been so surprised that not only do I feel competent up there, I'm actually EXCITED about it. I couldn't wait to get in front of those kids and get them excited about learning. It's a wonderful feeling to realize you're actually good at your job. ;)

THEN after work we had a potluck dinner at a co-worker's house to discuss summer shows. There ended up not being a lot of actual talk about shows, but good socializing and good food. I came home loaded down with leftovers. Free food for the win!

And when I got home, there was forwarded mail from my mom including this lovely little note attached to my last Playboy check:

I totally need to frame that. *L* Yay for good stuff because taxes are evil and eating my brain.
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Today was GORGEOUS. California weather in Oregon, I say. There was hardly a cloud in the sky the whole day, and that brightens my mood immensely. I had a ridiculous smile on my face the whole day. And it just happened to be the day we drove to the coast for a program. Over 4 hours of driving in brilliant sunshine to the ocean. Sadly, never actually saw the ocean despite it being just over a sand dune. But we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory on the way back and bought some delicious cheese (I'm Minnesotan! We're cheese enthusiasts) as well as ice cream (chocolate peanut butter, mmmmm).

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous day. And THEN, watched Quantum of Solace when I got home. I wasn't a fan of Casino Royale, but d*mn, Daniel Craig was SEXY in this one. He's not even really attractive. He's just sexy. How is that?

Speaking of sexy, Planet of the Dead airs next weekend, eeeeeeeeeee! I. Am. SO excited. Slightly nervous (who knows what TPTB will do now that the Doctor is basically companionless), but David is looking far too hot for words. I mean, I spent way too long today staring at this promo shot. Guh. A hand should not captivate me so. This special will henceforth be known as Planet of the Dead Sexy.
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I did a program today at a library, just bringing a few animals and biofacts (animal skins, skulls, etc.) and informally talking to people as they came up. I held a snake the kids could pet and it's so fun to see the nervous little toddlers come up and hesitantly touch it. I like to think that all those kids will grow up to not be afraid of snakes like their parents are - they'll learn to see the value in all life. Anyways, it made me proud, and there was even a journalist who asked a few questions and took a few photos - just a small bit for the local paper, but how exciting! I still can't quite believe this is my job.

Anyways, have been reading a fantastic fic the last few days (The Oft Dark Path of Dreams, by SCAngel), and I highly recommend you do the same. Love you all. Nighty night.
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Last week was the one year anniversary of Goblin's death. It's funny because I only realized that today, yet she has been on my mind recently. Has it only been a year? Closer to two since I've actually touched her, but it still seems like much longer. At the same time, I'm surprised it still hurts this much a year later. I miss her. I don't think I'll ever stop missing her.

Otherwise, though, things have been good. The job is great - I'm enjoying it more and more every day. I wish it was full-time, because I find myself wanting to go in on my days off. Today I presented a snake for some schoolkids, and slipped right back into it - it was fun and exciting, and it's nerve-wracking but I can't wait to do more. Now if it would just stop raining! (Sun, I miss you!)
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It is official! I'm sick of Portland rain after 4 days. I worked indoors all day but managed to get SOAKED on my way to the parking lot, and it is not fun driving half an hour home soaking wet. Anyways, the day wasn't all bad. Met a new group of people at work who were all nice, helped setup an exercise pen for the parrots and mammals, observed two presentations, and finally got to hold a bird - a tiny little American Kestrel. They sent me home with a swivel and jesses to practice because it's been far too long since I've put a swivel on one-handed, and I was crap at it to begin with. But I think I've got it.


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