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Today was fantastic. I did my first solo school presentation for a class of kindergarteners, and I was awesome, if I do say so myself. *L* I've never felt completely at ease talking to kids, so that's been something I've been worrying about doing again. But I've been so surprised that not only do I feel competent up there, I'm actually EXCITED about it. I couldn't wait to get in front of those kids and get them excited about learning. It's a wonderful feeling to realize you're actually good at your job. ;)

THEN after work we had a potluck dinner at a co-worker's house to discuss summer shows. There ended up not being a lot of actual talk about shows, but good socializing and good food. I came home loaded down with leftovers. Free food for the win!

And when I got home, there was forwarded mail from my mom including this lovely little note attached to my last Playboy check:

I totally need to frame that. *L* Yay for good stuff because taxes are evil and eating my brain.


Mar. 11th, 2009 11:38 pm
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I watched an episode of The Girls Next Door tonight, and I miss it. I miss it bad. The girls were making a work-out video in the backyard (that big, beautiful, green backyard, that most days was ours and ours alone) and you could see the white peacocks and cranes in the backgound, and Holly went to visit Coco, and I miss it. I miss all the animals and the people and the food and that gorgeous backyard. I wish I hadn't had to give that up.
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The replacement adapter arrived!!! I have my computer back!! Thank goodness. More than simple disappointment at not having LJ or fic or anything, not having a computer made it really hard to organize all the stuff I need to get organized for moving. Because I will be moving this weekend! It's all coming up way too fast. I haven't even started packing. Oy. But it was a much-needed reminder that I can and should amuse myself off the computer every once in a while. I watched Love & Monsters and Fear Her in my rewatch, for instance. And they are so cute. Really adorably cute. Only now I'm having trouble convincing myself to start Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. It's so horrible now that I know what's coming.

Today was my last day at the Mansion, and it was sad. I really did enjoy that job. Truly. It just wasn't paying the bills. And in a cruel twist, this week they aired the Girls Next Door episode where the girls leave, which left me in tears. Shaddup, it was sad. *L* But really, Kendra said she'd miss the staff the most, and it's true. It's the PEOPLE of the mansion that make it such a special place. It's like a big, protective family, and that was wonderful to be a part of. Anyways, I'll post Playboy Picspam soon (I took so many photos today!).

I had so much more I wanted to post, but it's all left my mind at the moment. For tonight, I'm going to push back the PANIC at everything I have to do before Saturday and read my first fic in a week. HUZZAH!
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Power adapter was shipped TODAY. Ugh. That means I'll be lucky to get it before Monday. And I'm going slowly insane. I'm almost finished with The Writer's Tale. I spent hours at the library yesterday reading PostSecret books. And I watched The Idiot's Lantern and The Satan Pit (since I watched The Impossible Planet on TV last week). And eeeeee, so good. Especially TIP/TSP, which I fell in love with all over again. Seriously, the awesomeness of those two episodes knows no bounds. It's SO creepy, and the devil beast is SO cool, and the ship is just DRIPPING off the screen. They're worried about each other the whole time, and Rose's voice wavers and breaks when she says she's not leaving, and...guh. It's so much better than I remembered. But I'm really missing my fic. Bad. So much so that today I made up my own fic in the shower. I never do that. I'm a fanartist, not a fic writer. But I may write this one down, because I rather liked it. *L* Anyways, I miss my comp.

[ profile] bayareajenn, I'm really looking at driving that first leg the 7th. So I'll call you about that. And [ profile] balmyone, we'll have to meet up before I leave. You've got my West Wing DVDs and Dragonrider book, and I've got your Writer's Tale! *L* I work Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and a party late Saturday (The Kandy Masquerade, which should be really interesting), but I should be available the rest of the time. I can't believe this is coming up so soon! I'm both eager to get up there and dreading leaving.

Also, Idol was rather crap last night. I'm beyond thrilled Danny got through the first round, but Ricky Braddy should have been the second guy. What's his-name that also got through just did not do good enough. And I hope Nick/Norman gets through tonight. He doesn't have the best voice, but he was the most entertaining part of the night, and for that alone I vote for him.

Okay, back to internetlessness (my word, hee). I miss my fiiiiiiiic!
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DUH, Puppy Bowl. I've been watching it since the first year and loving it. I had to work over the game today, so I actually set my VCR to record the Puppy Bowl. *L* Can't wait to watch it! My co-workers today even asked if they could borrow the tape when I'm done to watch it themselves.

So, yes, I worked two parties at the mansion this week: a charity benefit Thursday night and a Superbowl Party today. Not nearly as exciting as I expected. They cover the whole backyard in a tent where the stage and dance floor is, and I supervise guests with the birds and monkeys behind the tent. So it's out of the way and gets really boring after a few hours when everyone has been through to see the animals. And it seems there's always one or two creepy drunk guys. On Thursday I was working with another girl, and she was aggressively hit on while alone down by the monkeys. This guy grabbed her and tried to kiss her and grab her breast, with the excuse "everyone knows that's what happens here." Ugh. Thankfully Security (which is awesome) kicked the guy out and almost arrested him. Then tonight I had this older guy who kept hitting on me, even begging me to hook up with him. He didn't try anything, but he kept creeping into my personal space (probably due to being drunk) and coming back again and again. So that left me feeling vaguely creeped out. Plus I was tired after a 10-hour shift. Bret Michaels finally performed at 10 PM, which I had been looking forward to all day, but by that point I was just eager to get home. So tired...
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So, the other day I said it was surreal that I saw Hugh Hefner. Today totally beats that. I was in his bedroom. *L* Every few days we're called up to take care of a pair of lovebirds in the master bathroom when Hef's away, and today was my first day doing that. I was trying to appear professional and not gawk, so it was a really quick visit, but wow. That is...surreal. There's a very inappropriate statue when you're coming down the stairs. *LOL*!

I really hoped to catch the inauguration during breakfast today, but sadly Obama had already been sworn in and given his address by the time I got there. Darn! But it was awesome listening to the preparation on the radio this morning. So exciting!

Idol tonight! *dances*
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I saw Hef today. *L* I just caught a few glimpses, but it was definitely him, in his red smoking jacket, first out by the pool and then going in the house. Ha, I don't know why this amuses me so much. Though I realized I volunteered to work Tuesday before remembering that that's inauguration day! Hopefully they'll have a TV out so I can catch a glimpse.

Ho-hum. What's up with you all?
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Just about the funniest thing ever. (<-- Doctor Who related)

SO, I keep opening Photoshop to make a Ten icon, and always end up making a Rose icon. Too much Rose on the brain, yes? Anyways, I shall endeavour to make that Ten icon. Someday. Somehow. Because Tennant is looking hotter and hotter every time I see him and for the longest time I tried to convince myself he was out of my age range but I just discovered his current girlfriend is younger than I am and guuuuuuuh. I want. *whimpers*

Work has been surprisingly enjoyable. Especially since I got bit TWICE this week. A friggin' evil hornbill bit my index finger when I went to grab his bowl (I was warned about this bird, but he came out of nowhere!), and then yesterday the evil cockatoo FLEW AT MY FACE and bit my lip before I even knew what had happened. It sounds like we have all evil birds. BUT WE DON'T. Most of them are really quite sweet. The plus side of all of this is that I got to know the security guards when I filled out the paperwork on the first bite, so now they all know me, and it's the coolest thing ever to walk up to the front gate of the playboy mansion and have the gates open without a word. ;) So yes, I feel like a part of the team now and everyone there is really super nice, so yay! 2009 is starting out so much better than the crap-fest that was 2008.

AND! I scored a phone interview with the Oregon Zoo for their bird show. I still refuse to get my hopes up, but it's wonderful just to get as far as an interview. Yay for things looking up!

...and I keep forgetting whatever else I wanted to say. Oh! Idol! American Idol returned and it was like a present just for me. I adore every stupid little gimic they do. The good singers and the bad singers and the freaks and SIMON. Is it just me or has Simon grown a heart this season? Just a small one. You could see him holding himself back just a little when previously he would have ripped them a new one. He was totally on the happy pills, ha. And next week is BONES and HOUSE and LOST and too many good things at once! PLZ BE KEEPING THIS UP, NEW YEAR.
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Playboy Bunnies ;) *LOL*

More random photos under the cut. )

And thus ends the picspam. My second day at the Mansion was much better than the first. Working without somebody watching over my shoulder was much more relaxing. It was a gorgeous day, I felt more comfortable with the other girls, and with meals giving us nice little breaks, the day seemed to go by quickly. I was surprised when I was finished with half an hour to spare! So, it wasn't that bad, and I'm actually kinda eager to go back again (see how long THAT lasts!). Worrying about securing a place to live before January and how I'm going to earn enough to get by, however, is leaving me on-again off-again panicked. For now, I'm going with getting any place I can get on short notice in Thousand Oaks, and seeing how much I can earn between Playboy and pet-sitting. If I can't earn enough, I'll just move back to Minnesota. There. Plan. Sort of.

Today was my day in the X-Files Advent Calendar, and while I'm fairly happy with my collage, I ran out of time to really finish it, and never figured out what text to put on it, so it looks horribly bare and unfinished. Bah.

So, my pet-sitting ends tomorrow, I'm staying with Krista through the weekend, and flying to Minnesota on Monday. I will have sporadic internet access probably for the rest of the month, so...I'll see you when I see you!

Late Addition: RIP Sage )
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Ugh. I feel rather crappy, so this will be short.

The Bad: Drive. Driiiiiive. The commute this morning took over an hour and a half, and a freak fire on the way home extended my return to almost 2 hours. I am SO SICK of being in the car. So I'm really rather grumpy about that and it kinda tainted the whole day. The work. It's lonely, repetitive labor, like the cleaning I did at Universal. Only Universal was 11-15 hours a day, and this is 7, so relatively not that bad. I wish I could have a job I actually enjoyed, but I've done this before and I'll do it again. Also, no benefits. And I've got homework - a nice thick stack of paperwork to fill out by tomorrow.

The Good: This is awesome: the mansion staff offers small buffet meals for all workers, so we get breaks and free food. Aaaaawesome. During breaks we can handle a few of the parrots. And it's the Playboy Mansion. They were filming a bit of stock footage of the mansion and grounds for The Girls Next Door. There's parking spaces marked for Bridget and Kendra (can't figure out where Holly's is). At the end of the day a tall foreign playmate was being filmed meeting the animals for some russian show. It's all kinda surreal. *L*

As said, I'm really just grumpy over the commute from hell, so hopefully tomorrow I'll be in a better mood and have a few more stories!

Ha! Checked out the latest of The Girls Next Door and the foreign lady is Dasha, the 55th Anniversary playmate. So weird to see her in real life and then see her on TV. Naked. *L*


Dec. 8th, 2008 01:09 pm
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So, uhhh...I got a call back from the Playboy Mansion. I'm going in the next 2 days to fill out paperwork and learn about the work. I'm not 100% certain, but this may mean I got the job. So, ummm...woot? The list in my head.

The Good:
  • Job! Job in animal field! Income!
  • I can stay in California!
  • The frickin' Playboy Mansion, yo. That's a conversation starter.

The Bad:
  • The job pays low and is only 2-3 days per week. My job/money worries are still far from over.
  • I'd have to move back up here and get a second job. Quickly.
  • They say, because of bureaucracy and paperwork, I wouldn't get my first paycheck for a month/a month and a half. I am rapidly running short of my saved up money.
  • Not the best job for my resume. I'd ultimately like to work in an AZA-accredited zoo, and one of their hiring requirements usually is (get this) work experience in an AZA-accredited zoo. It's work, and work that will get me by, but won't necessarily help me advance my career.

So...I have a lot to think about. I could do some pet-sitting for a while as a second job, but that work is declining so I'd have to find another part-time job soon. Also, location. All my friends (and pet-sitting work) are in Ventura county, which makes for a long commute in to LA. I'd much rather live up here in Thousand Oaks/Camarillo/Simi Valley, so I guess I'll just have to put up with the long drive. Thank goodness gas prices are so low (I got gas for $1.69 a gallon yesterday! This summer I was paying over $4.50 a gallon! They may as well be giving it out free for how thrilled this makes me).

Just...writing out my thoughts. Thanks for listening. Thank GOD I may have got a job, though it is not my first choice and leads to some other problems I have to work out. But YAY work. I've missed the feeling of my life having some purpose. I have my flights booked for Minnesota from December 15-January 1st, so hopefully that will give me some quiet time to think this all out.
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Guess where I went today...

The Playboy Mansion! )

To get back to real life, Thanksgiving was wonderful. I stuffed myself on lots of great food, we played cards, and then best of all, we played Rock Band for 5 hours. I'd never played before, and holy crap it's ADDICTING! I didn't want to leave. So, good holiday.

In art news, 2 advent calendars! )
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Ha, Chris Carter, you made my DAY. Thank you. Hee! *claps and squees like a little girl*

In real-life news, I (almost) have a (very bad) plan. For December. This is my life now. Planning month to month.

Tomorrow: heading up to [ profile] balmyone's for one last marathon. Bones, West Wing, pooooossibly some Doctor. Yay!
Wednesday: Contine up to LA for Thanksgiving with Krista's family. They're so sweet for inviting me. I hate spending holidays by myself.
November 30 - mid December: Pet-sitting in Camarillo. Client needs overnights for 2 weeks, so I guess I'll be staying at his house. Possibility for on-the-side daytime pet-sitting work. Not nearly enough money to pay the bills, but hell, the first I've earned in a month.
Second half of December: Minnesota for Christmas. It's been 4 years since I've had Christmas with my family, and I need my mommy right now. *L* ("Are you my mummy?" *LOL* Sorry, couldn't help it.) Checked out flights today and I can get really cheap if I fly back new years eve, so it looks like I may spend new years in the airport, but beggers can't be choosers.

And all this means I have to pack for a MONTH tonight. Oy.

Oh, and because [ profile] ranee42 thought it was amusing: today I called about a job at the Playboy Mansion. *L* They have a collection of exotic animals and hire a few keepers to care for them. They like EATM grads, and one of my old friends even works there. It's part-time work, but it's SOMETHING, and how awesome would that look on a resume? *LOL*

Also, also! The Doctor Who season 4 soundtrack is pretty awesome. I especially love Song of Freedom and A Noble Girl About Town. Ha, Donna, I miss you.

ETA: Totally forgot to add, Hotmail is being a bugger and not sending through most comment alerts, so I don't know when you all reply to my comments. I'm not ignoriing you! If this continues much longer, I may switch temporarily to yahoo.


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