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Feb. 5th, 2009 09:12 pm
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Today was Lounge-around-in-my-PJs Day, which was so nice after yesterday. I had to go in to work an hour later than usual, which put me smack-dab in the middle of the worst of LA traffic. It took me 2 hours to go the 37 miles in to work. Ugh. Anyways, lots of interesting TV this week.

Fly-by impressions of House, American Idol, Lost, and Bones. )

TV Meme )

Aaaaaand, I haven't been able to keep up with the flist lately. What's up?

dA Fanart!

Sep. 15th, 2008 01:20 am
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Spending a long weekend at [ profile] balmyone's watching...well, Doctor Who, and I have a lot to update with, mainly the-end-of-the-job and accompanying trip, but for now I just HAD to share these that I found on DeviantArt:

A Stargate made out of yarn! How effing awesome is that? Haha. (Also, accompanying yarn TARDIS. Hee!)

And because I am absolutely HOPELESS about shipping anything that crosses my path, I fell quite hard for Doctor/Rose and that led me to this little jem by the same artist. Oh, *SPOILERS* for the season 4 finale. Luckily, I saw the season 4 finale on SciFi when it aired, because in the marathon I've just hit the season 2 finale and I desperately don't want to say goodbye to Rose. D*mmit, this always happens when I fall for a ship. I even read fic! (shameless Nine/Rose rec) Somebody stop me! Or, you know, encourage me ruthlessly. Either/or. ;)
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Okay, so half my flist has posted about this already, but I had to put in my two cents.

I'm extremely saddened to hear than Don S. Davis died. He was an integral part of the SG-1 family, coming right after the original four in my mind. He brought life, warmth, integrity, and personality to the character of General Hammond, and I regret that we'll never get to see him again. But I am most saddened because I was lucky enough to meet Don himself once, and he's someone you never forget.

At my one and only con, the 2004 Creation Stargate Convention in Chicago, Don gave his talk the first evening. It was late in the evening and most attendees had left for the day, so it was a somewhat small, intimate crowd. He regaled us with stories - and he had a lot of stories. He wasn't explosive and over-the-top, but very down-to-earth, honest, and sweet. It was like listening to your grandfather at storytime. He told us about his long career in the film industry, what it was like behind the scenes on SG-1, what he did in his free time (he loved to paint), and how he had met his lovely, amazing wife. The way he talked about his wife just made you love him even more. And he was so honestly happy to be chatting with us, so grateful to the fans.

In line for autographs, he was absolutely wonderful - making an effort to talk to everyone as they passed through, smiling for pictures. He signed my DVD and smiled at me even though a con organizer was talking to him, which meant a lot to me. I never actually spoke with the guy, but I'm pretty sure everyone in that room simply fell in love with him. He was quite simply one of the nicest, kindest people I've ever met. And though I didn't have any sort of plans to see him again, I'm saddened that I will never again get to sit in rapture and listen to his stories.

Thank you, Don. )
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Happy April 25th, everyone!

Stan Fields: Miss Rhode Island, please describe your idea of a perfect date.
Cheryl "Rhode Island" Frasier: That's a tough one. I would have to say April 25th. Because it's not too hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!
-From Miss Congeniality

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Oct. 16th, 2007 11:36 am
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So it's been months since I posted any icons, and all I have to show for it is...10. That's enough for an icon post, yes? *L*

1. 2. 3.

And more... )

And for a bit of pimping, [ profile] sg1podfic is now live! I've been thrilled about this idea since I heard of it, and I'm even trying to record one myself. Wish me luck (the first draft..needed help. *L*).


Jun. 18th, 2007 11:11 pm
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[ profile] splash_the_cat announced a celebration of all things Sam Carter, and I may have gone just a teeeensy bit overboard.

Picspam awaits! )
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Just when you thought it was safe...another meme! Bwahahahahaa. Yes, it's the 20 facts meme.

Write 20 random facts about yourself then tag the same amount of people as minutes it takes you to write the facts.

1. Amanda Tapping is my idol.
2. Nin ([ profile] samjack_girl) made the prettiest AT wallpaper EVER. *loves it beyond reason*
3. Insanely jealous of [ profile] krisnreine's talent and muse. I have no muse. Muse is dead.
4. Pool outside window is SO pretty in the sun. I don't swim in it often, but I love just looking at it. View from room
5. I'm hungry. But nothing in the pantry is looking any good right now. I want to go out to eat but I always think way too much about the cost.
6. I've been meaning to upload Moorpark photos for AGES. Will do that soon.
7. And write rat post! I love my little ritty-rats.
8. I'm spending way too much time sitting in front of my computer this weekend. I don't want to, but I'm just SO far behind on flist.
9. I'm just boring, aren't I? *L* No one has responded to my last 4 posts, and I feel horrible for even bringing it up. But darn it, I can be shallow, too, and it makes me sad! Please no one take that personally.
10. I'm only half-way through? Oy...
11. Watched SG-1 and Atlantis the other night. Both rather "eh". SG-1...isn't even my show anymore (and darn it, I'm just SUCH a sucker for my ship that's all I can think about), and Atlantis...TPTB of Atlantis are just yanking everyone's chain, and it's annoying, even though I'm not really into that fandom. First they yank the Shep/Teyla shippers' chain, and then the Shep/Weir shippers' chain, and the McKay/Beckett slashers' a few episodes ago. They don't even have a point anymore, they just want to work up their fans.
12. You may have realized I picked this meme just to force me to write whatever came to mind...I think I need that permission to just ramble about whatever stupid little thing I'm thinking about and not feel guilty for clogging up the friendslist.
13. I feel like I have homework due tomorrow but I'm pretty sure I've done it all. Oh crap, that's right, I have a test. Will study tonight.
14. And another test Tuesday. Have read 2 out of 3 chapters for it and must really finish that 3rd one. But it's just SO stupid. It's all either basic biology I've heard before, or technical stuff I just don't have the energy to wrap my brain around because it won't be on the test anyway.
15. Must observe my Show animal before Wednesday. Maybe one of the pigs...or the hornbills. I like it down by Clarence's enclosure. He's the Galapagos Tortoise. He's 82, huge, and just so cute and slow. Plus his enclosure is out of the way and overlooking the Valley. It's a beautiful view and all you can hear is the windchimes they hung in his enclosure. That's one of my favorite spots.
16. I got to howl with a wolf yesterday! I specifically asked the faculty whether I could howl with the wolf, Legend, and CJ the coyote, but they said I can only howl if they start it. Finally yesterday the wolf was howling, and I ran down there and joined in, and we kept howling back and forth. I've missed howling SO MUCH and it was absolutely magical to do it again.
17. I am hoping to get assigned as Schmoo the seas lion's trainer next year, but it is the most competitive assignment and a whole lotta work if you get it. But it would be so awesome to work with such an intelligent animal, and it would be an absolutely stellar highlight on my resume.
18. Loving it here, if that hasn't been obvious. Being surrounded by animals and animal-lovers all day, regardless of the fact that we don't get much direct interaction with them, is so absolutely thrilling.
19. It's been kinda weird, but I've been so caught up with school, and I fall asleep so early I never catch my news anymore (The Daily Show), and I've been oddly detached from the whole Katrina thing. I feel like I should be paying more attention to it, but it's just so hard to concentrate on that when I'm constantly caught up in my new life here.
20. Have started the Harry Potter book of doom. *L* I mean the Half-Blood Prince. I'm only on Chapter 2, and not much into it yet, but none of the kids has even shown up yet...we'll see.

And I don't really care about the tagging thing. It's just annoying all around, so I'll just end there :)
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I love my shows. I love, love, love my shows. I've been watching all my favorite series this afternoon, and they've been great. First there was some West Wing, then over to CSI, then I happened to catch "Beneath the Surface" on SciFi (forgot how much I LOVE and ADORE that episode), then some good Whose Line is it Anyway? and Daily Show, and finally back to West Wing, which had the most amazingly dramatic ending AND one absolutely priceless ship moment. Donna loves Josh, heeeee! Oh god, ship turns me into a 13-year old girl. Pretend I didn't just do that.

But heeeeee. ;)

So...I got a call from the family the day I last updated. That other place I applied to? The animal training college? Yeah, didn't get in. But got WAITLISTED. Not a bad spot, 5th on the waitlist, but this means I have to wait even longer. The accepted students (50 of them) have until late July to decide whether they actually go (finances being the main deterrant). So I most likely will not know whether I can go (in early/mid-August) until JULY. Which means I can't get a long-term job or make any kind of long-term plans until then.

Anyways. SHIT! Next week? I'll be gone in Honduras. And I am NOT complaining about that, except I just learned Bravo will be airing West Wing all week. Day. And Night. Holy friggin' crap. I wish I could be here for that. Heck, I can't even properly record that.

I sound like a whiney little brat, don't I? *L* I shall be going now before I make myself feel even more stupid. Love you all, though. Special hugs this week for [ profile] qwirky, [ profile] suzvoy, [ profile] brandinsbabe, and, even though she won't see it, vered.
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Wow, it's been a while. Lots of news to report. Or maybe not that much. We'll see.

First off, Happy Birthday, [ profile] insaner2! I doubt you'll see this, but happy birthday anyway!

What's been up with me )

What's been up with fandom )

I think that's it. I'm sure I've bored you all greatly...I'm much better at the commenting thing than I am at actually posting. *L* Love you all!
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I am in an awesome mood today. It was DELICIOUSLY warm today. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and everyone was outside, playing music and throwing frisbees. I meant to work on my capstone powerpoint but that didn't happen. Then TNT aired two of my favorite movies ever right in a row: You've Got Mail and Miss Congeniality. I cannot say how much I love these movies. I just do. Sandra Bullock is my hero.

Of course, now I'm left trying to throw together this Powerpoint, but hey, I'm still in a fantastic mood.

I was reminiscing in [ profile] lornyloo's journal about favorite Stargate moments. It's nice to remember why I love this show so much! Stargate moments )

Anyone want an LJ header? )

Have a good day, all!


Mar. 28th, 2005 08:20 pm
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Ah, whaddaya know? Site crashed with just 3 more days to go. Probably will have to move more stuff over to [ profile] qwirky's. *Hugs both of her wonderful hosts* I bet it was the tutorials that did it *L*

So...I've been rather quiet for a while, but I've been in a wonderful Moebius-induced haze ;) No long ramblings, since everyone's probably sick of those by now, but I quite enjoyed it. Heck, I'm not even THINKING about there not being any new episodes until July, or that that won't even be Stargate as I know it. I've been thinking of Moebius as my series finale, and as such...I can't complain. Sure, in about a year I'm sure I'll be wanting more, but at this point...I'm very happy with where it left off. And I have PLENTY of shippy fodder to tide me over until then.

I'm getting over my didn't get very bad at all, and now all I have is a runny nose, but darn that's annoying! Carrying kleenex everywhere I go and talking all stuffy. Gah. Thankfully it's soared into the 50s and it's wonderfully warm out. It finally feels like spring!

Have finally sent application for the International Wolf Center internship in, so that's out of the way. Now for that Capstone project...*cringes* At least I now have no problem with public speaking, and am not at all worried about that aspect of it, while everyone else is freaking out. Who knew that class would be helpful? ;)

ETA: Amanda had her baby, eeeee! *jumps up and down and squees*
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Moebius part 1 )

I had this strange idea of an LJ community just for sharing tips and techniques in Photoshop. Like, highlighting a tool of the week and showing people how to use it, and some more involved techniques. This all came about because I explained to someone how I'd used the dodge tool and the sharpen tool on an icon, and they didn't know what I meant. Buuuuuut...I couldn't do that by myself. Would anybody else be interested in something like that? I even thought for a time it could be integrated into [ profile] thefifthrace somehow, since all the great Stargate iconners are there anyway, but...that's not my community *L*


Mar. 14th, 2005 11:33 pm
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And quite a lot to say.

First off, happy birthday to [ profile] suzvoy and [ profile] groovymulder! *big birthday hugs and best wishes*

Welcome to new friends [ profile] brandinsbabe, [ profile] g33k_powered, and [ profile] hawk_17! Sorry for not friending back...I have trouble just keeping up with my small current list! I'm bad, I know.

Threads!!!! )

And for you die-hards, The LA trip! )

If any of you actually made it through all that, congratulations. Thanks for humoring me ;) I can ramble a bit aimlessly sometimes!


Feb. 27th, 2005 10:01 pm
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Crap. I just put two and two together.

This needs some explaining. You know that Associate Degree program in Exotic Animal Training and Management I applied for? In order to be accepted, you must go to a required informational meeting at the campus. An hour out of LA. March 11th. So I'm going to LA with my mom in two weeks (can't rent a car myself since I'm not 25...grr!). This is all well and good (well, costing quite a bit of money I'd rather not spend, but, you know), but I just realized something. Threads airs March 11th. D'oh! I knew there was a catch.

Seriously. Threads cannot get here fast enough. For all the frustration it has caused me, I am thankful I have something to still look forward to. And now I have to wait even LONGER! *dies*


Went to the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon today. One of the biggest sled dog races in the country. It was neat ;)

And they aired Independence Day on TV! I love and ADORE that movie. One of my all-time favorites. So I had an awesome day.


[ profile] lornyloo, you'd be so proud! I made icons! an icon! It took me hours. It started as a full-blown wallpaper, but it just got worse and worse as I went on, so I salvaged what I could by turning it into an icon. Not the best icon I ever made, but it's something. And yes, you don't have to tell me it's unreadable gobbledygook.

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I made a tutorial for someone at Creative, and copied it to my site 'cause I liked it. Thought some of you might enjoy it! It's how to make a 60's TV screen look, like this:

Tut is here.

Last Night's Stargate: Reckoning Pt. 1 and The Brotherhood (and slight mention of the big Threads spoiler) )

Random LJ stuff:
- *hugs* for [ profile] suzvoy
- *pokes* at [ profile] ranee42
- I'll make icons soon, I promise, [ profile] lornyloo. ;)
- *grins* at [ profile] naushika and [ profile] qwirky
- *cheers* for [ profile] shipperchick and her shiny new comp


Feb. 19th, 2005 01:46 pm
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Betcha didn't expect to see THAT, now did ya? *G* I went to a production of The Vagina Monologues yesterday, and QUITE enjoyed it. It changed my outlook when I first saw it two years ago, even more when I read the book. But this production was much better. Some fabulous performances were given, and the theater was PACKED (I had to sit on the floor). If you haven't seen that play, I highly recommend it.

New Stargates (Citizen Joe and Before I Sleep) )

Gonna get stuff done this was a rather stressful week!

Edit: Monty (the photographer at Wolf Park) took the most hilarious wide-angle lens photos of some of the wolves. Look (*snork*). More!
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I was flipping through the channels and accidently found MacGyver. Holy crap. The plots (and hairstyles) are so hideous it hurts, but RDA has not changed a bit. Well, OK, the hair thankfully did improve, but it's the same mannerisms, facial expressions, short, I squeeed (what the heck is the past tense of squee?) like the fangirl I am. I might have to watch more of that ;)

Oh good LORD I forgot how much I love Sally Reeve. I save her fics as back-up when I really need a good read, and today I did ;) So I'm starting in on "Crossing the Line", and I'm just blown away by how WONDERFUL her writing is. She consistently writes well, so even though her fics are long, I can be blown away several times in just a few pages. Certain lines just jump out at me.

"It was no fairytale. She was no princess, and there'd be no happy ending."

"and in that look ignited a flame that, until then, he'd done a reasonable job of keeping at bay. Before it had been smoldering, now it was a fire twenty feet high."

"because of this thing that had grown between them, this thing that they had deliberately stunted before it could blossom. And now it couldn't grow, and it wouldn't die."

Obviously these don't make much sense out of context, and probably don't even sound that brilliant, but in the flow of the just stops me dead. And the great thing is, there are pages upon pages more of this. It really makes me wonder why she put all that time and talent into writing fics, when she could obviously do so much more. But I am insanely grateful for it.

I am becoming more and more like my dad every day. He was always a history buff: loved reading about it and watching documentaries on the History Channel. It never did much for me. But today, I was enthralled by a PBS documentary on slavery and the civil war. Absolutely enthralled, and I wanted to know more. PBS documentaries and the like have always been a weak point for me. In Astronomy lately we have watched two videos - Nova's The Elegant Universe and Carl Sagan's Cosmos. I've seen both before, but I'm still fascinated by them. Strangely enough, college usually does not provide the intellectual stimulation I thought it would.
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I got my computer back yesterday! I now have the latest versions of Norton, Ad-Aware, and Spybot, as well as every patch imaginable. Media Player was reinstalled, Hotmail works, and I'm not getting those darn sponsor links anymore! After a week of viruses and malware and 2 full days at IT, my laptop is working like normal, thank goodness. The first thing I did was download some samba songs [ profile] jujubinha had uploaded. The second thing I did was read lots and lots of fic (oh how I missed it!). And today, I downloaded Firefox. It seems to run a bit slower at certain things (though that could be due to something leftover from the virus), but otherwise it's looking fairly nice. We'll see!

And oooooooh god it was hard to not have any fic to read while half my friends list was talking about Threads. It was ridiculously hard to not click on all those cuts. I do have a policy of avoiding all spoilers except for icons (I can't help myself! I must have the pretty), so what I have seen in icons has only fueled my desire to see this episode even more. I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until March. But it WILL be worth it. I haven't looked forward to an episode this much since Grace, and the hopeful expectation (as painful as it is) is always worth it in the end. Anyone want to tell me whether it's worth the wait?

And then there was 'Full Alert' and 'Sanctuary' )

Off to read more fic. My inner shipper has been screaming like a banshee for some good old fashioned ship.


Feb. 7th, 2005 10:53 pm
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I love living in a dorm. There's people playing golf in the hallway. Or more accurately, putting. At 11 PM. Yes, they're avoiding classwork ;)

OK, tomorrow is my "free day" (only one class), so you will all be subjected to another one of my fascinating "To Do" lists. Because I will spaz if I don't keep them all organized. Feel free to skip.

-Bring laptop to IT
-fill out Psi Chi application / send in
-Pay for WFR
-Apply for Cap/Gown
-3:30 DOW
-8:30 speech meeting at CSE
-Do more Psych excel sheets
-Call sister
-8:45 meeting
-E-mail EATM

BIG Stargate spoilers (fairly general ones, but big ones for next seasons) )

That is all. Cross your fingers that they can fix my laptop without reformatting tomorrow!

ETA: Oh, and because I was sending it to Cath anyway, here's a song I can't stop playing lately: The Diva Opera from The Fifth Element. I quite like it.


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