Sep. 22nd, 2007 09:11 pm
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My internet went down for a while, but I'm still here. In the job world, I finally finished at Universal and will be taking over pet-sitting 7 days a week for the next month. BUT, that's not what I came here to discuss. I have a fannish question.

Whatever happened to the second X-Files movie?? Last I heard there were very serious talks about it, and I was just daring to hope that it might happen, and now...nothing. Did they give up? Is it still in negotiation? Are there solid plans? I want to know!! Maybe I'll go searching for answers sometime. I miss having a show. A show that makes everything worthwhile ;)


Aug. 23rd, 2007 05:41 pm
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After an horrendous day yesterday (15 hours of work), I was so glad to have today off, and did something I've been wanting to do for a while - make an icon. My muse has finally made a reappearance, and I'm dying to just endlessly play in Photoshop - now that I don't have the time! But I had so much fun working on this, and I'm really proud of how it turned out.

It made me think about something from What Color Is Your Parachute - it said the skills we most enjoy using are frequently the ones in which we lose track of time. And I certainly lose track of time making icons. I can spend hours just tinkering around with a little 100x100 pixel space, and wonder where the time went. Too bad I can't make a career of THAT. ;)

Anyways, I've also been trying to fill my 32 (thirty-freakin'-two!) icon slots, and been having trouble deciding between pretty versus funny icons. I want pretty AND funny! And now that I've started, I'm having trouble picking icons. I have so many good ones stored up, but mostly SG-1, and not enough from my other fandoms. I'm also quite an icon elitist - anyone know of elite icon communities I can check out?
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I am avoiding LJ. Not like the plague, but in general, I'm not getting too involved. Because I have yet to read, even start, HP7.

Stupidly, I decided a few days before the book came out to re-read the entire series first. And, being that I work 7 days a week, it's taking me a while. I just finished book 2. So, that's why I'm away...

That and I'm hella busy. Jobs are consuming my life. I'm dreading Wednesday, when I have to pull a double which will in all likelihood take me over 15 hours. Kill me now.

Vegas was good. I miss it. I wanted to see O or Love, the Cirque shows, but I contented myself with seeing the sights. Cesar's Palace was awesome but by far my favorite spectacle was the Bellagio water show. I could have watched it for hours. As for gambling, penny slots were horrible to me, but I found a new favorite - Casino War. I made 15 bucks on 3 hands. It's so addicting! So that about covered one meal, but I was thrilled to win at all. It was a good weekend.

It's been up and down ever since. I know some people actually enjoy their jobs, but I've been fighting the feeling that I have no skills to offer. These jobs end soon and I have no idea what I'm doing next.
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God I hate my job.

Going to Vegas on Friday with a friend. Thank God.
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Happy Independence Day!

I often feel like I should be ashamed to be an american. Just for today, it's nice to be proud of my country and all the great things it produces. Yay America!

Universal provided a barbeque lunch for employees behind the Waterworld stage today, so I had a great lunch and a show. I still haven't seen the actual show, but watching the behind-the-scenes action was quite fun!


Jun. 23rd, 2007 12:23 pm
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My second day of work was no better than my first. I'm starting to dread going in. Now, I'm not one to quit at the first sign of trouble and I want to hang in there and hope it gets better, but one of the trainers yesterday told me that if you have that kind of attitude you're just going to end up bitter, and I don't want to be that person. *sigh*

We all went out to see Evan Almighty last night, but about half an hour in, the strangest thing happened. The film started staggering and then it, like, started to melt from the inside out. I didn't think things like that still HAPPENED. Anyways, they told us we could leave and get a free movie pass, or stay a half hour for them to restart the film. We opted to stay, but half an hour later they came in to say the projector was more damaged than they anticipated, and it wouldn't be restarting. They gave us all one free movie pass, but after harranging the manager we managed to get some free concessions coupons too. So it was all a complete waste of time.

Coming home wasn't any better. I was left wondering whether I should stick it out with this job, only to discover that I'd been rejected from the Minnesota Zoo, where I'd applied, and my good friend Katie had been kicked out of the zoo program. So I'm not feeling very up at the moment. I'm going to talk things over with my mom and then maybe see if I can go watch Lost with my friend. I need to de-stress.

ETA: Totally unrelated, I accidentally sent my jump drive through the washer, and it survived. The files are still there. Holy crap I love this thing.


Jun. 21st, 2007 10:20 pm
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For a first day on the job, that was pretty bad. The 12-hour double shift turned out to be 13 hours, and with the hour drive to and from, I left home at 6 in the morning and arrived back at 9 PM. And on 5 hours of sleep. The girl training me in started out pretty nice, but about halfway through we both got rather bitchy and irritated from exhaustion. That job is non-stop. I had 15 minutes for lunch and the rest of the day I didn't even got to sit down. We were constantly hustling, and even so we ran behind and didn't get all the jobs down. There's literally hundreds of animals there and the two of us were responsible for cleaning the cages of almost every single one. And I felt like an idiot because there was so much to take in and I kept making stupid mistakes.

Thank GOD the boss decided to give me a break tomorrow and only make me work one shift starting at 9:30 (but probably still going through 8 PM). And then, being the idiot that I am, I agreed to do overnights for the next week for the pet-sitting job. I guess it's just that I've been so worried about money for so long, I can't turn down an opportunity to earn some. But I hope this job improves. It HAS to, as I was told that today's was the worst double shift you could have, and as I get the hang of things I'll make friends and stop making stupid mistakes. Hopefully.

On the plus side (because I hate bitchy, pessimistic posts):

  • I'm raking in the money this month!

  • During my lunch, some of the trainers had the young orangutan in the office where I was, and he came up to me and touched my leg. That's kinda surreal.

  • I'm hafway through Lost's second season and loving it.

Anyways, I need to thank you all for the great response to my last post. It was heartwarming and I'd love to respond individually to all of you individually right now, but I'm exhausted, hungry, and I ache all over. I'm going to bed.
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I got hired!!

Holy crap. I got hired. I went to Universal Studios today for my interview, which was very informal. They had me watch the Animal Actors show and the Fear Factor Live show next door which they provide animals for. When I returned, they said they'd be glad to have me and can I start tomorrow. Holy. CRAP! It's on a part-time trial basis to start out, but it will build from there if it all works out. So tomorrow and Friday I have 12 hour days (7 to 7) learning the basic duties, which starting out is cleaning and meet and greet (greeting guests at the entrance with a dog).

I can't really believe it. Its going to be hard work, but I'm really, really excited to get started and see how I like it. This is surreal.

This is all slightly tempered by the fact that I've had terrible cramps all day (what great timing, eh?), but not enough to make this less exciting. WOOHOO!!!!


Jun. 19th, 2007 12:18 pm
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OMG, I have an interview. Not at my "dream job" (they still haven't called. Darn it). But after a wretched weekend of dog-sitting, I decided to apply for the Universal Studio's Animal Actors show which is hiring seasonal positions. Their entire staff is EATM graduates and they already hired one of my classmates, so as soon as I called they asked me to come in for an interview tomorrow. You know, after marine mammals, this is one job I really would love. They have a variety of exotic and domestic species and it's a perfect blend of training and shows. I'd happily do this anyways, and even if it's just seasonal, it would provide great experience for future applications. Yaaaaay! Things are finally starting to look up.


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