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Look what arrived today!

My birthday present to myself. ;) Ska-weeeee! All Things and Amor Fati and Je Souhaite and Closure, Hollywood A.D., Theef, Chimera, X-Cops, Requiem! Woohoo!

Also, [ profile] balmyone was gracious enough to let me burn some of her DVDs, and we started watching Doctor Who - the first of the new series (with the Ninth Doctor and Rose). We watched about 6 episodes and I really got into it. I've got the remainder of season 1 to get through, and then I'll have to search for season 2. I'm gonna miss Nine! I like Ten, but Nine really really grew on me (as did Rose. Rose is awesome! I can't imagine trying to adjust to a new pair). So yay new show!

Also? CSI spoilers so good. I might actually have to watch this season. Now I just want that friggin' ring!!

Fic Update: Reading Cry of the Truth by A.I. Irving. Quite a good novel-length fic. If smut is your thing ;)


Jan. 21st, 2008 08:18 pm
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CSI 5x13 "Nesting Dolls" was just on the TV. Oh guh. Featuring one of my favorite GSR scenes. But then I put two and two together and realized I missed the previous episode, "Snakes", which may just have my favorite scene of the entire series. And I missed it! Bah. Going to watch clips to cheer myself up.

Meanwhile, [ profile] krisnreine is my XF crack dealer. Keep bringing it on ;)

Also, the last few days have sucked. I got a cold and my period at the same time. I had a painful sore throat, pounding headache, fever, and cramps on top of it. I had to work, and it sucks having a job where you can't call in sick. I took a lot of Airborne so I thought it was going away, but I still have a sore throat. Bah again. Heck, it could be worse. I'll stop complaining.

I don't waaaaaaanna make my [ profile] sidle_lims icon (okay, I stop complaining after this post). I crashed and burned at [ profile] jorjalims and now my muse won't talk to me.
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OK, first off, I've started the LA Zoo job taking care of reindeer. And I promised pictures, so here they are!

*L* OK, that's Cash. But there's REAL reindeer under the cut.

Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen )

I'm also snagging this Christmas meme from [ profile] jesouhaite47.

Christmas meme )

Umm...the latest episode of CSI was messed up. Really. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

What else? OH! [ profile] suzvoy, I got your card! You wouldn't believe the squeeing fit I had when it arrived. Thank you so much! It's really cool to get mail from overseas. ;) *big giant hugs from across the pond*

I'm back!

Nov. 26th, 2007 10:37 pm
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Back from Mexico. Wedding was great, seeing family was great, not understanding spanish...not so great. And I did get a little bit sick near the end. But overall, a good trip.

I don't have any days with the reindeer until next week, so today I went window shopping with a friend. I dragged her into the Apple store and we played with the iTouch and iPhone for about an hour. Holy crap they're awesome. 16 Gigs, however, is not enough, much less 8. But it was so friggin' cool. You can browse the net on any wifi, it has a special youtube feature, scrolling through lists is megafun with the touch feature, and the iPhone even has a built in camera. Oh so cool. Unfortunately I don't have a spare $400 lying around. And really it's just a cool techno-gadget that's not necessary. But dayum.

Also? I saw CSI 8x07. SO sad. Need something to cheer me up and fic isn't doing it. Going to re-watch the clip. THE clip. Because bee proposal makes it all better.
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Bad News: Car repairs cost $620. And I still have a few more things I should get fixed. Ugh. And I WAS going to pay off one of my student loans.

Good News: I got the job!! The seasonal job at the LA Zoo taking care of reindeer! I may have to shorten and/or CANCEL Mexico trip (ugh), but I got it! And from all accounts it pays WELL. $15-20 an hour, which is rather high for the animal industry. OH, I'm so excited. So, so, so excited.

Other News: CSI - 8x06 (including 8x07 promo) )

4 things.

Oct. 19th, 2007 09:30 pm
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1. I made an icon! For the new [ profile] sg1podfic community.

I've been experimenting a lot recently and this was a pleasant surprise. I've been so glad to make art again. The muse is finally back and I have so many things I want to try out and explore. It's such a thrill when an icon starts to come together the way you want it!

2. While looking for iPod stock photos for the above icon, I found this:

GOLD-PLATED iPODS! $600-$800 depending on storage capactity. For the hyper-rich people on your christmas list ;)

3. CSI - 8x04? I've lost track....the last one! )

4. I finally finished Harry Potter!! Spoilers for HP7...if there's anyone left to spoil. )
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CSI - 8x03 )

In other news, I finally, FINALLY am on the last Harry Potter book. SPOILERS for HP7 )


Oct. 5th, 2007 12:26 am
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CSI - 8x02 (I think) )


Sep. 27th, 2007 10:51 pm
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OMG, I actually watched a show!

CSI - spoilers for...whatever this episode was )

Anyone know of a good CSI mood theme?
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Heehee. New laptop arrived a few days ago. Have spent time since then downloading all my programs again and transfering files from the broken one. When I haven't been studying. Had a big test yesterday. Anyways!

Next week the second-year students of EATM leave on a week-long field trip and we get to care for the zoo animals. I have been assigned to Buddy the racoon, an as-yet-unnamed quarantine bunny, and the Capuchin troop (8 monkeys, with 7 other caretakers). Buddy is especially cute. I love preparing his diet and having him do his little tricks for it. He circles, rises up, touches his target, and puts his paws in my hands on cue. The hands are so cute - the way they grasp and hold things just like we do. He takes his treats nicely with his hands before eating them. SO CUTE!

What else? Oh, I've decided it's time to drop [ profile] stargate_icons. It takes up so much of my friends list, it's mostly Atlantis icons at this point, and all my favorite artists post at [ profile] thefifthrace anyway. Ah well. The end of an era.

I am SUCH a fic snob. I've been watching CSI a lot recently and wanting to read fic. But I can't find any good stuff. My modus operandi in a new fandom has been to find their fic awards and read award-winning stories or nominees (such as the Spookys and Morleys in XF and Stargate Fan Awards in SG). It's worked well for me, but now I can't stand sub-standard quality fic *L* And I can't find CSI fic awards! Guh.

ETA: Hah! Found one! I rock ;)
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I love my shows. I love, love, love my shows. I've been watching all my favorite series this afternoon, and they've been great. First there was some West Wing, then over to CSI, then I happened to catch "Beneath the Surface" on SciFi (forgot how much I LOVE and ADORE that episode), then some good Whose Line is it Anyway? and Daily Show, and finally back to West Wing, which had the most amazingly dramatic ending AND one absolutely priceless ship moment. Donna loves Josh, heeeee! Oh god, ship turns me into a 13-year old girl. Pretend I didn't just do that.

But heeeeee. ;)

So...I got a call from the family the day I last updated. That other place I applied to? The animal training college? Yeah, didn't get in. But got WAITLISTED. Not a bad spot, 5th on the waitlist, but this means I have to wait even longer. The accepted students (50 of them) have until late July to decide whether they actually go (finances being the main deterrant). So I most likely will not know whether I can go (in early/mid-August) until JULY. Which means I can't get a long-term job or make any kind of long-term plans until then.

Anyways. SHIT! Next week? I'll be gone in Honduras. And I am NOT complaining about that, except I just learned Bravo will be airing West Wing all week. Day. And Night. Holy friggin' crap. I wish I could be here for that. Heck, I can't even properly record that.

I sound like a whiney little brat, don't I? *L* I shall be going now before I make myself feel even more stupid. Love you all, though. Special hugs this week for [ profile] qwirky, [ profile] suzvoy, [ profile] brandinsbabe, and, even though she won't see it, vered.
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Wow, it's been a while. Lots of news to report. Or maybe not that much. We'll see.

First off, Happy Birthday, [ profile] insaner2! I doubt you'll see this, but happy birthday anyway!

What's been up with me )

What's been up with fandom )

I think that's it. I'm sure I've bored you all greatly...I'm much better at the commenting thing than I am at actually posting. *L* Love you all!
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I'm skipping around between topics today with no particular point. Feel free to ignore.

Stupid...icon...stuff )

The attack of fandom )

the State of Me section )

downer )

...Ever feel like you talk about northing important?


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