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I finally made myself sit down in front of Photoshop yesterday to make a new header. I hadn't even opened Photoshop since I moved here, so it was nice to return to. Anyways, it's long overdue since I haven't changed it in over a year. And it's Bones. Surprise, surprise. It ended up way off from what I went in to make, but that's the fun of Photoshop. Plus I had to get paid time to change the layout so now I can upload more icons and make voiceposts to annoy you again! ;)

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There's a lot I should be doing. Instead, I'm watching the Oscars and posting fanart. Oy.

Oh! First! The power cord to my laptop has gone wonky on me and loses power with the slightest wiggle. So I'll need to replace it, darn it. Luckily replacements aren't that expensive, but I don't know if I should order it now and hope it arrives before I move, or just put up with the darn thing until I get up to Portland (who KNOWS when...I still don't have a timeline on when this is happening). Baaaaaah power cable. *shakes fist at Dell*

ZOMG, there's gonna be a new Ice Age movie? YES!!!

But yes, I made fanart. I was re-reading [ profile] kalleah's classic Calm Before the Storm after reccing it to someone, and got terribly inspired, and as has been my wont lately, felt I had to manip one of the scenes (Scooly, I blame you). So I did. It's the Doctor and Rose watching a sunrise, and as corny as it is, it's actually as close as I could get it to the scene as described. I'm rather happy with it at the moment (see how soon that changes - I get tired of my own art very quickly) except for Rose's hair, which looks chopped short. Baaaaah. But yay schmoopy mushy happy OTP!

ETA: ZOMG, ZOMG, The Impossible Planet is on one of my local channels at 10! SQUEEEE!!! Only one half of my favorite two-parter/episode. *flaiiiiils*
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Guess where I went today...

The Playboy Mansion! )

To get back to real life, Thanksgiving was wonderful. I stuffed myself on lots of great food, we played cards, and then best of all, we played Rock Band for 5 hours. I'd never played before, and holy crap it's ADDICTING! I didn't want to leave. So, good holiday.

In art news, 2 advent calendars! )
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Meme snagged from [ profile] duva.

+ stop what you're doing.
+ print screen of your current desktop -
Here. Made from a digital painting I made last night. More on that after the meme. Lots of Doctor Who stuff on the desktop. I'm completing an application to the Racine Zoo right now, so that's open.
+ if you have open, print screen - I don't use
+ if you have a music player open, print screen - iTunes. I have a playlist for every mood. Currently listening to my "Powerful" playlist on random - deep, driving, emotional music.
+ pick a folder, open it, print screen - My EATM folder. Originally for all my homework and papers from Moorpark, I started saving all my job applications and resumes there until recently when I decided they need their own folder.
+ if you are Photoshopping, print screen - I lub my Photoshop. That digital painting I was working on. I always keep the History and Swatches menus handy up top.

That was fun. I tag you all to do it because I like seeing how people organize their comp. ;)

Oh, and obviously I made art. Last night I was watching Celebrity Rehab (because I'm a sucker for any show about addiction) where they went to art therapy and were told to draw their demons. I thought that sounded like a good outlet for my current loneliness, and since I didn't have a sketch pad or any fancy drawing materials, I decided to just draw in Photoshop. I don't have a tablet, so it's all done by mouse and thus...well, not very elegant. *L* But I rather like the outcome.

Click for bigger.
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Which is good because I really have nothing to update about. But I never post anymore and I want to, so here we are.

I did stumble upon [ profile] cowboyhd where I learned how to make animated clips out of avi files. Awwwwesome. So I've been having a lot of fun with that and made this:

which I put in my user info. :) The vid was from years ago (which I actually posted here, haha!), but still looks surprisingly like me. Ha! Anyways, I then made a little clip off the Doctor Who Children in Need teaser clip, because the Doctor is just too cute.

Under the cut! )

And it actually took quite a long time because there was a telephone number I had to manip out of every frame! *L* Anyways, it was fun, and he's adorable. Is it Christmas yet?

Good Times

Sep. 29th, 2008 10:31 pm
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Ahhhhh. Bill Clinton on The Daily Show = Best Thing Ever! I still think he's awesome. He's brilliant and articulate - he gets policy and politics and he actually ENJOYS it. It would drive me nuts in minutes but he thrives on discussing these things. To listen to him talk on an issue makes me feel like I have a greater understanding of it. Awwww, I miss the Clinton days.

In other news, I've been having too much fun with [ profile] balmyone. We finished our Doctor Who marathon and I am now thoroughly addicted. Martha really didn't grow on me much (though she was awesome in The Shakespeare Code), but Donna was frickin' awesome. She was prickly and tough in The Runaway Bride, but 5 minutes into Partners in Crime I was thrilled to have her back. That reunion scene is by far my favorite scene of the whole series. So, uh, yeah. Rose is still my favorite (and my OTP), but Donna is awesome. As for Journey's End...I really don't know what to say about that. It's still too painful and confusing, so I'm just gonna dwell on happier times. And read lots and lots of fic. ;) Oh, yes, have I mentioned my new David Tennant obsession? He's dreeeeamy. Hehe. (gawd, I'm such a fangirl)

AND, I made art. :D For whatever reason, this sparked the muse and I not only made a wallpaper, it's a manip wallpaper. I was reading this Alt!Ten/Rose fic entitled "Journey's Beginning" aaaaaand, I was inspired by a few scenes. One in particular I hooked onto even though it was the most challenging to manip - both of them fully clothed in a hot spring. Gaaaah! Did not realize how hard it would be to make "dry" clothing look wet. So, I failed a bit in that sense, but otherwise I'm really proud of it. LOOK ERIN I CAN MANIP! *LOL* Your lovely manips inspired me.

1024x768 | 800x600 from After Shock, Time and Space,, and [ profile] crumblingwalls. Yeah, baby!


Feb. 7th, 2008 12:34 am
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Happy Birthday [ profile] txduck!

For the queen of manipulation, I thought it only appropriate that I at least try to make a manip. I hope you like it ;)

Blank one on Aurora. Thanks to [ profile] krisnreine for the screencap. And the amazing, amazing Alluring Indiscretion by beduini for inspiration. Probably my favorite fic ever. How did I ever miss this back in the day?

Anyways, I hope you have a great day and a great year, E! You're awesome.
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Yay, I made art! I was wandering around art sites searching for inspiration when I ran across Thia. It's been a while since I'd explored her art so I went all around her various sites, just boggling at her artwork. She's always been a huge inspiration for me, especially because she makes all her own resources and does everything herself, which is what I'm trying to move towards. So I opened up Photoshop and tried making a flower with the pen tool, which she does amazingly well. I was quite surprised at the outcome, since I'm not much of an artist when it comes to hand-crafting. But I'm incredibly proud of it, since I did it all in Photoshop without a single outside resource. Although of course it's hugely influenced by some of Thia's pieces.

There's also a wallpaper version on my site. Yay art! Whatever happened to my muse, I hope she sticks around for a nice long while.


Jan. 8th, 2008 01:15 am
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Whew! I pretty much spent all day redesigning my LJ, so check it out!

I initially tried to make a header with all my fandoms, but it was crazy overcrowded and ugly, so I went back to the drawing board and just picked a single picture I liked and prettied it up. So yes, it's CSI. Bite me.

And on the TeeVee this evening were some real jems:

1.) A Lifetime movie with Janel Maloney! I have no interest at all in Lifetime movie plotlines, so I just watched with the sound off and pretended the guy she was kissing was Josh ;)

2.) JON STEWART!! The Daily Show and Colbert Report came back on tonight, despite the writers' strike, and darn it, I had to watch. I missed my Jon! I missed my fake news!
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This one from [ profile] dana_cz.

Album Cover Meme )

Hee! Photoshop is FUN. When it's not being evil. I tried to make a new header but hated it. I need to rethink my theme. Oh, but GIP!

I visited the zoo today, and it was really nice. I brought food, so everyone was happy to see me. *L* It was so nice to see Friday and Goblin (she lipsmacked at me! After all this time it's good to know she still remembers me) and Oliver (Kera's younger brother - so cute!) and my dear Salsa-bird, but really I went to see the people and I was glad everyone was really welcoming and friendly. Awww, I miss it.


Dec. 2nd, 2007 09:43 pm
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GIP! I really wanted a nice artistic icon of the CSI kiss scene, so I made one myself. Even though I SHOULD be working on my secret santa thingy for [ profile] sj_everyday. Oy.

BUT! I did make art for the X-Files Advent Calendar (it's on again! Decemberlady threw it together at the last moment...woohoo!) and today was my day. It's been so long since I've made a collage that big, guys. I was really pleased that I could still do it ;)

Also, we set up the Christmas tree today! It's not as pretty as the old tree back in Minnesota, but it's a Christmas tree and I love that. Oh! Dude, we watched The Waitress yesterday and (I'm not spoiling anyone, am I?) while parts of it were amusing, I didn't care for the message. Life sucks and then you have a baby? I get it, there's something magical about babies, but honestly, I just don't understand the 'baby-makes-it-all-better' cliche. Can anyone explain that?

4 things.

Oct. 19th, 2007 09:30 pm
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1. I made an icon! For the new [ profile] sg1podfic community.

I've been experimenting a lot recently and this was a pleasant surprise. I've been so glad to make art again. The muse is finally back and I have so many things I want to try out and explore. It's such a thrill when an icon starts to come together the way you want it!

2. While looking for iPod stock photos for the above icon, I found this:

GOLD-PLATED iPODS! $600-$800 depending on storage capactity. For the hyper-rich people on your christmas list ;)

3. CSI - 8x04? I've lost track....the last one! )

4. I finally finished Harry Potter!! Spoilers for HP7...if there's anyone left to spoil. )


Oct. 16th, 2007 11:36 am
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So it's been months since I posted any icons, and all I have to show for it is...10. That's enough for an icon post, yes? *L*

1. 2. 3.

And more... )

And for a bit of pimping, [ profile] sg1podfic is now live! I've been thrilled about this idea since I heard of it, and I'm even trying to record one myself. Wish me luck (the first draft..needed help. *L*).


Jan. 2nd, 2006 08:32 pm
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It's done!! Thank God it's done! I made a new layout. I'm not entirely thrilled with it, but it's done, and that's what matters. I spent AGES trying to figure out colors, only to discover that me and colors do not get along. I cannot make good color schemes!! I just can't! So whatever, at least this doesn't look as hideous as it did when I was messing with it. *L*

And I still...GAH. I edited it so that the table is as wide as the header (700 px), only it reverts back to wider on my friends page and on the comments page (to write a comment). WHY?!? I give up. Friggin' code can go friggin'...code itself. ETA: OK, so both are fixed. Had to quit a community to fix one, but it looks pretty now!

Oh, and the little graphics I made for my shows were icon sized, so, icons!

Credits for the layout:
Water background tutorial by kaykaykit
Images from Getty
Opal Tutorial and Code by [ profile] pamelajoy


Nov. 22nd, 2005 08:44 pm
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I...made art!! Believe me, I'm stunned. I last collage was March of this year. That's over half a year! Anyways, the borderless challenge at Creative inspired me, since that style was all the rage when I first started collaging. I'm quite proud of myself simply for sitting down and actually making something bigger than an icon. Maybe now my muse will return...

Art! )
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I am in an awesome mood today. It was DELICIOUSLY warm today. The sun was shining, birds were singing, and everyone was outside, playing music and throwing frisbees. I meant to work on my capstone powerpoint but that didn't happen. Then TNT aired two of my favorite movies ever right in a row: You've Got Mail and Miss Congeniality. I cannot say how much I love these movies. I just do. Sandra Bullock is my hero.

Of course, now I'm left trying to throw together this Powerpoint, but hey, I'm still in a fantastic mood.

I was reminiscing in [ profile] lornyloo's journal about favorite Stargate moments. It's nice to remember why I love this show so much! Stargate moments )

Anyone want an LJ header? )

Have a good day, all!
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Have been quite artistic lately. I'm quite excited about the return of muse.

First off, I made a tutorial on how to make silhouettes in Photoshop with the pen tool (ooooo, skeery).

Then made 2 borderless collages - one on black and one on white.

Liked the white one so much I used it to redesign my LJ. This is the first time I've redesigned since I started my LJ over a year ago, and it's going to take some getting used to, but I'm surprisingly happy with it.

Am also developing a cold. It's staying pretty low-key because I'm on a short school break and I'm getting a lot of rest, but it's not pleasant.

Stargate finale tonight! Eeeee!
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I think my muse may be returning. I dare not hope, but last week I made a collage (here), and tonight I made an icon. Because I WANTED to. And it was FUN. Very odd, people.

I'm kinda tempted to work on another one, but I'm having no ideas and I realized my Stargate stock folder is pitifully small. But the MUSE is there. I'm going to let her take her time, and leave Photoshop sitting open just in case.


I've realized one of my greastest pet-peeves. Or not even pet-peeve, but just the thing that I cannot STAND in a person. Condescension. When someone acts like they're better than me. I can get along with almost anyone, but not those people. Part of the reason I never joined our chapter of Psy Chi (the National Honor Society in Psychology) even though I've been eligable for at least a year. The president has never liked me. I don't know why. But she ALWAYS gives me a condescending attitude and I can't stand it. She barely acknowledges my presence, and when she does, it is to point out some way that I need to improve. As if I am making her life harder by not fitting in to her expectations. Can't stand her, and anyone else who gives me that attitude.

That just came as a bit of a surprise to me, as normally I can get along with all sorts of people, including those that others can't.
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Well, there were two end-of-the-year fanart memes I wanted to do and never got around to, so here is 1 of 2. Second one might come later. It's Friday. I'm in a relaxed and happy mood. This one I got from [ profile] alawelshie. It was a Failed Fanart of 2004 meme, but I thought I'd just throw on ALL my unfinished fanart. These are things I started on but never finished, or I didn't feel they were finished enough to post. While I was preparing these, I decided to just "finish off" some that were close enough to be finished, so I posted them to my site, and they are listed at the bottom.

The good, the bad, and the ugly )

Have had a HECK of a long week, and now it's finally the weekend, so I'm gonna play some N64. Yay for mindless games!
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2 days too late. I'm sorry, my mind is a sieve.

Hope your BDay was grand, [ profile] jesouhaite47! *mwah*!!

And because I'm the queen of consolidation, Wolf Park )


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