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Jun. 25th, 2009 10:48 pm
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I was extremely saddened by the news of Michael Jackson's death today. He was iconic, and as a child of the 80's, I have many memories attached to his songs. As a kid, "Rockin' Robin" was my favorite song. I watched far too much of "Will You Be There" off Free Willy. At Moorpark, the wolf was trained to howl when he heard "Man in the Mirror". "Earth Song" has the ability to push me to tears. "The Way You Make Me Feel" features in my favorite Doctor Who fic, Elusive, and always reminds me of the carefree happiness that fic incites. This summer, "Thriller" is on a CD we play during our 3:30 bird display, and I like to play it backstage between shows

Finally, one of our interns taught me how to moonwalk last month, and I practice before almost every show just before stepping on stage. I've been joking that near the end of the summer I'm going to moonwalk off stage when the turkey vulture "chases" me off.

Me moonwalking.

Pretty good moonwalk, eh? *L* It still needs some work (I mean, check this out!), but it's been fun learning. And now I'll be a bit saddened whenever I do it. As weird as he was, I deeply admired MJ's humanitarian efforts and genuinely enjoyed many of his songs. I can't quite believe he's gone.
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Because everyone likes their picspam on the run, right? ;)

The Oregon Zoo )

Other things making me happy )

I think I may be coming down with something. Nose is sniffly. Gah!
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I'm preparing for the big trip. Driving to Portland will take me all weekend so I'm going to spend hours and hours in the car. And I need amusement! I've got a DW audiobook, some podcasts (the news from lake wobegon, mugglecast, wait wait don't tell me, and this american life), and my entire music library on my iPod, but I figured I'd ask if anyone has other suggestions of some long, entertaining mp3s. Audiobook, podcast, maybe some good stand-up? Just figured I'd ask.

I did upload some pics from my phone and figured I'd do a little photo dump of random pics I've taken lately.

Picspam! )

That's all for now. Maybe I'll update tomorrow. If not, see you in Portland!


Dec. 29th, 2008 11:44 pm
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My dear dog )
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Forgive the second entry. I have to show you the photographic evidence ;)

Snow! )
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Playboy Bunnies ;) *LOL*

More random photos under the cut. )

And thus ends the picspam. My second day at the Mansion was much better than the first. Working without somebody watching over my shoulder was much more relaxing. It was a gorgeous day, I felt more comfortable with the other girls, and with meals giving us nice little breaks, the day seemed to go by quickly. I was surprised when I was finished with half an hour to spare! So, it wasn't that bad, and I'm actually kinda eager to go back again (see how long THAT lasts!). Worrying about securing a place to live before January and how I'm going to earn enough to get by, however, is leaving me on-again off-again panicked. For now, I'm going with getting any place I can get on short notice in Thousand Oaks, and seeing how much I can earn between Playboy and pet-sitting. If I can't earn enough, I'll just move back to Minnesota. There. Plan. Sort of.

Today was my day in the X-Files Advent Calendar, and while I'm fairly happy with my collage, I ran out of time to really finish it, and never figured out what text to put on it, so it looks horribly bare and unfinished. Bah.

So, my pet-sitting ends tomorrow, I'm staying with Krista through the weekend, and flying to Minnesota on Monday. I will have sporadic internet access probably for the rest of the month, so...I'll see you when I see you!

Late Addition: RIP Sage )
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Guess where I went today...

The Playboy Mansion! )

To get back to real life, Thanksgiving was wonderful. I stuffed myself on lots of great food, we played cards, and then best of all, we played Rock Band for 5 hours. I'd never played before, and holy crap it's ADDICTING! I didn't want to leave. So, good holiday.

In art news, 2 advent calendars! )
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Well, I finally went to Disneyland. That's right: after over 3 years in SoCal, I finally did it. And I had way too much fun.

Picspam! In which you see far too much of my midriff. )

In other news, no news on the job front and I really am fighting down panic about that. So no change.
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The Good:

SeaWorld! )

The Bad:

Every day, every hour that I don't hear back from the Minnesota Zoo breaks my heart just a little bit more. I'm far too used to having my dreams crushed. I know one week isn't enough time to start freaking out over, but I want that job so badly, and I'm frankly terrified of going back into the soul-crushing job search again. There's only 2 weeks left of work and I'm dreading going back to that jobless, bored, stressed out blankness. I'm not excited about any of the job openings out there and the idea of moving yet again to a place where I don't know anyone into a job I don't like is almost as wearying as the thought of having no job at all. I haven't even applied to anything else, and I know I should have started ages ago, and that guilt just combines with the terror already in place to form a self-sustaining spiral of avoiding the problem. I need to start applying, I desperately do, so I'll just need to try to lift myself out of my terror long enough to do so...tomorrow.

The Average:

I miss the Olympics. I loved coming home every day and watching primetime coverage until 1 in the morning. I loved the gymnastics, and the running, and the diving, and even their silly journalistic stories of China. I loved having it on in the background even if I wasn't actively watching. I loved the expressions of joy on the winners' faces, and even the pangs of sadness for those that failed. I loved feeling proud of my country, yet feeling like a global citizen, that these feelings were universal. A ridiculously cute and sappy set of Olympics commercials from a few years ago:

My favorites? Coragem (Courage), Bronze, and Prata (Silver).

BONUS Fic Update: I really, really enjoyed Cubed. A fascinating look at an alternate universe Mulder and Scully, in domestic bliss, and how that relates to reality. At first it sounded like so much idealized mush, but by the end I loved the message: that they are not broken beyond repair, that they can learn to get past their fears and live and love freely and openly.

She observed Samantha and Fox, together and smiling, the children licking ice cream from their spoons, the cozy little house, the baby wiggling around in her belly. Their lives were so blissfully normal. Scully had to force down the sudden urge to go search the closets to see where they were hiding the mutants.
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Okay guys, I'm finally doing my LA Filmfest write-up. It's a little late, but better late than never, right?

XF Sneak Peek! )
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Sooo, I packed up my car and brought a load down to Escondido yesterday, stayed the night, and drove back up today. On the way back, I decided to take a detour through Santa Monica and Mabilu. This served two purposes: it let me enjoy the fabulous PCH highway one last time, and hunt down David Duchovny. ;) Now, I have no clue if David is even IN Malibu at the moment, but he does live there, and has been known to frequent a certain Starbucks. I'd searched for it before without success, but this time, armed with directions from [livejournal.com profile] krisnreine, I was determined.

This is that journey.

Watch what happens. )

The End! Really now, it was fun. What's the use of living in Southern California if you can't do a little harmless celebrity stalking? ;)
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OK, first off, I've started the LA Zoo job taking care of reindeer. And I promised pictures, so here they are!

*L* OK, that's Cash. But there's REAL reindeer under the cut.

Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen )

I'm also snagging this Christmas meme from [livejournal.com profile] jesouhaite47.

Christmas meme )

Umm...the latest episode of CSI was messed up. Really. And that's all I'm gonna say about that.

What else? OH! [livejournal.com profile] suzvoy, I got your card! You wouldn't believe the squeeing fit I had when it arrived. Thank you so much! It's really cool to get mail from overseas. ;) *big giant hugs from across the pond*


Dec. 9th, 2007 01:18 am
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OK, I stopped doing my pictures from EATM thing a while ago before I could finish my favorite animals, so thus, here is my dear Salsa-bird.

Picspam ahoy )

In unrelated news, it's snowing up in the mountains north of here and the news is like "OMG, snow! Breaking news, people, it's SNOWING! Close down the highway, the snowplows need to get through!!" *snork*
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OK, lotsa stuff to cover, first off, desktop meme!

I was so intrigued by [livejournal.com profile] naushika 's desktop I just had to join in. Upon receiving this tag, immediately perform a screen capture of your desktop. It is best that no icons be deleted before the screen capture so as to add to the element of fun. Tag five of your friends and ask them to give you a view of their desktops as well...

Forget the tags...here's my desktop. )

And for the Philes on my list...Happy Ten-Thirteen! I thought the day deserved some recognition and thus...picspam! A look back at my very first fandom.

May be a little graphic heavy ;) )

Because it still makes me grin years later, an XF music video I made a long, long time ago from X-Files bloopers.

And because no good XF tribute is complete without fic, recs for two great fics I read recently: Hundredth Day: Poetry Man, and Spectacular.


Jun. 11th, 2007 02:58 pm
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You guessed it, more zoo pictures. Finally we come to my Gobbie girl.

More pictures )


May. 29th, 2007 10:40 am
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The picture updates continue. With video! This time, Friday the raccoon.

Fri-Fri )

Zoo Pics!

May. 19th, 2007 11:02 am
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OK, I really need to upload some pics from the zoo, for my own memories if nothing else. Sooo, I'm gonna start small, with some of the miscellaneous animals.

Animal Pictures! )

OK, that's all for today. Coming up soon: Projects, Salsa, Goblin, and the baaaaby.


Dec. 15th, 2006 10:52 pm
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Well, I am back! And just in time to leave again. My internet is finally back up, but I'll be gone Sunday through Wednesday in San Diego. We're going to visit Sea World, San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Navy dolphin program, and much more. I'm excited!

Anyways, guess it's time for the big news - that thing at the zoo that ate up all my time. For almost the last two months I've been helping raise a baby gibbon. A Siamang, to be more precise. Out of nowhere, the zoo was called by another facility about hand-raising an infant siamang since its mother was not taking adequate care of it. The baby arrived at 9 days old, and I was one of 4 students chosen to be a primary caretaker. That was a thrill beyond imagining. So, my time since has been a lot more active. We transformed a room at the zoo into a nursery and I spend a lot of my time in there with the baby and various other caretakers. Along with holding her and playing with her, I keep up on cleaning bottles, pacifiers, and toys, keeping records, changing her diaper, and feeding.

I could talk a lot more about her, but you'd probably rather see pictures. )

Anyways, there's a lot more I need to catch up on - the fire, Hawaii trip, MadTV taping, spring animal assignments, and other zoo things, but for now, I need to go to sleep! *L* I'll update more later. For now, good night! Love you all.
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Brought Friday (the raccoon) out on leash today so she could sniff around and have some enrichment, and while we were out, I tested my training on her. I've been training her since September to target to a laser pointer, and lately it's turned into targeting her onto a wooden disk and doing behaviors (wave, worry, think). So I placed her mark several feet away and sent her to it. She went right there, stood up and looked at me, and waited for her next command. It was awesome, as I've only started training her on the mark a few feet away. She caught on so fast! I'm really proud of her.

Anyways, took out Malaika as well, and got a picture.

Me and my birdy )


Oct. 14th, 2006 10:56 pm
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More than you could ever want to know about my Davis trip...with pictures!

Warning - Graphic heavy )


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